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Education et vie

mardi, mars 10th, 2020

In France, when you turn 50 years old, you’re just an old fart “proceed to the nearest trashcan”.

Let’s check what a different education and a different state of mind can give you…

Tony Hawk: 50 tricks at Age 50

Skateboarding and hacking by Rodney Mullen, that’s exactly what I always thought it is…

Rodney Mullen: Pop an ollie and innovate!

And some neat vid from the time I was also skateboarding with so many but already crushed energy 🙁 Natas Kaupas, le maütre du ollie 😉

Natas Kaupas Documentary, On Video Winter 2003 | TransWorld SKATEboarding

See how USA can also be SO MUCH stupid in seeing SATAN in the reverse of NATAS name! ROFL.
Fucking humanity, fucking you, fucking me, I deserve some great time now.