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Kiss my ass @ OK Corral

dimanche, mars 17th, 2019

This is what you can call a cold revenge.
Some like 20 years ago I’ve been part of a pseudo artist work that ended in a bad manner (not for him of course), thanks to the pseudo artist himself, a bit like the story with Roberta de Clitoris.
Let’s make clear the very end: a 100 box instead of the 10% of the 6K previously promised (which is 600 box) for quite some amount of work with quite some hardware and at any time of day and night.
What reminded me about this story is the picture of some graph play on words tagged in a Cartier shop in Paris last saturday, during the 18th week of ‘yellow jackets’ protest (with some great destruction of riches’ symbols): it says « Pas de Cartier pour les bourgeois » which actually means « no mercy for the bourgeois » in with ‘mercy’ is ‘quartier’ in french which is pronuonced just like the famous luxury trademark ‘Cartier’.
The déchu artist I won’t name him (but you’ll easily find who he is…) was- as an ‘artist’ I mean-so, was at the time, early 2000’s, making me work on my computer to scan and develop photos and make some graphic artwork for him, of course as ‘tests’ (meaning non payed or ‘for the fun’ of it, for the most part of it …).

I’ve been through some pages about the guy’s new work as a gallery manager, after he left his pseudo artwork. I quote him:
« Deux ans plus tard, il raccroche ses ambitions artistiques. “J’ai eu un moment de lucidité, dit-il. Parfois, il est bon de persévérer, et parfois, non.” « ( in  )
« À l’origine il y a un changement brusque, existentiel : arrêter d’être artiste, faire les choses autrement, changer de vie. C’est un choix égoïste, pas politique. Je l’ai fait pour moi, pas contre le système. Et ça n’a rien à voir non plus avec le marché dont je ne connais alors rien, et dont je ne me soucie pas. Cela a plus simplement à voir avec une crise de lucidité un peu plus aiguë et longue que d’habitude : je ne suis pas un grand artiste, je ne vais pas le devenir et je vais crever de désespoir et d’amertume si je m’entête une minute de plus dans cette voie. » ( in  )

As an art historian with quite some background, as an artist myself, and as an ex acquaintance, I can say: AT LAST!
But that’s not really my point here. He owes me 500 plus the 100 of interests. I don’t care much about such a money, but now, he will know that the past is NEVER forgotten, however people can live through some high difficulties. Furthermore, I know HE likes much money though… « I mean, we’re across the street from the Carlyle!” ( in  )
What I care about is not being taken for an idiot.
Having passed by a quarter analysis doesn’t make you someone. Knowing you’re bad and making profit out of it using people’s weaknesses is really common.
That’s not a character trait. It’s just going deeper into the ‘sickness’ of humanity.

I wish him good luck in ‘la petitesse’ of his life. It’ll all end like ‘petits fours dans les raouts’: shit.
Plus, you can also give back the money and stop manipulating people with a stupid smile, thanks!



vendredi, septembre 28th, 2018

On disait que la nuit, on n’y voyait que pouic.
On y voit simplement d’autres choses, invisibles le jour.

Et ça vaut pour un NRA comme pour tout le reste.

En faits.

samedi, septembre 8th, 2018

Il est étonnant de voir la performance de #Roberta_de_Clitoris à Lourdes en regard avec ce post de mise au point qui est mien:
Anéfé, je mets en première place Marisa Papen qui pose nue devant le mur des lamentations…
Tout le reste n’est forcément que fortuit, n’est-ce pas? haha!

L’élite de la connerie, l’état de merde.

samedi, septembre 1st, 2018

Pour bien comprendre

dimanche, août 26th, 2018

« On ne doit pas s’approcher et nager aux côtés d’un animal qui est à pleine maturité sexuelle »

Sauf s’il vous y autorise ou vous y invite.


Why not looking straight at reality?

lundi, août 20th, 2018

Wanna fight for a good reason @MiloMoire ? :
Just look at the non lying video and ignore all the rest.


Out of the maze

samedi, août 18th, 2018

I’m definitly out of the maze.
YOU gonna get tired not to reach me in time, beware! 🙂

It’s much surprising how one can deliberatly let the AI do its job, staying connected in several accounts ^^
Some think they’re smart, but they actually have a partial smartness. Like the Mensa or HP people.
Guys and gals, it’s just ‘potential’, ya know… And you’re potentially… already dead.

You don’t need to drive, you need to pilot.
You don’t need to feel it, you need to live it.

I’m waiting for you, if you deserve it. Make up your mind.
It’ll make no difference… for me.