Monster love

Ain’t got no money…
Got my pretty tail 😉

This is the caterpillar of the now famous butterfly appearing in “The silence of the lambs” movie.
Shot on some potatoes plants at home. The damn beast eats quite a lot but I’ve let it do. No harm. Thanks for the pics buddy worm 😉
It is said that the butterfly itself has a cry like one would have read in Edgar Allan Poe short novel “The sphinx” (here in french audio, here in english text).
I wouldn’t believe it if I had not heard myself the cry of the caterpillar…
That’s a audio/video bonus of the cry, when someone -me- shake the branch the damn beast sits on 😀
A weird defensive “tak tak tak” sound.

About the photo title itself, one will look at this below video of Nina Simone song (and of course read carefully the lyrics):

Just like in Poe’s novel, my aim is not the main subject, but what I can tell through some commonly ‘common’ said pictures.
If one jumps freely from an idea to antoher, it’ll get soon to a famous Dali photography.
And will find a bit of its meaning too (and how it was created with women’s bodies).

Then, do not stop.
And let’s stay friends, girlfriends 😉

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