Catching a rainbow usually makes the first shoot perfect, as the rainbow fades away quickly, like a dancer.
That also means you had already the polarizing filter on the camera if you want to make it a bit dramatic.
Otherwise you go post-production (anyway you will have to develop the picture, as usual) and work out the photo to make it fit your desire.

You’ll find out or just buy the great movie ‘Parada‘. I love it. It’s an intelligent dramatically life-like movie. And you will Roll Over (the) Floor Laughing.
That’s what matters in dark ages.

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  1. Salomon Reinach dit :


    Loosening OR losing?

  2. admin dit :

    I like it much when you take it this way, for dumbs 🙂

    Be more into poetry, just make it yours.

    Be well 😉

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