Musical try out – 4th december 2021

“On the fly”, first meeting and try out.
Drafty but goody, post-whatever, but presented now!

Romain Bailly: guitar, vocals
Stuart O’Connor: keyboard, vocals
Francis Lornet: guitar

Recorded live @ Romain’s with tascam DR40 and very slightly mastered afterwards.

Each title is numbered by its appearance in time and the name of the person proposing the theme.

01_Romain_01.mp3   _ : 15’O8

02_Romain_02.mp3   _ : 13’36

03_Francis_01.mp3   _ : 7’10

04_Stuart_01.mp3   _ : 17’14

05_Stuart_02.mp3   _ : 12’O3

06_Romain_03.mp3   _ : 10’11

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