Vulnerable nudity

A girlfriend of mine, from quite some time ago, told me that nudity means vulnerability.
I guess it’s quite right.

“Many of their works contain nudity, which emphasizes the vulnerability of humans and transforms their appearance so they do not have everyday human bodies. Eiko, when asked about this aspect of their work in an interview, is quoted as saying, “A fish is naked and stone is naked. Why not us?””

I wonder why fake female artists (mostly well-known billionaire singers and actresses) seem to keep on showing their panties and body shapes in a manner that completely discredit their famous #metoo.
I know times they aren’t a changing and it’s down to artists to keep humanity aware of human condition and to fight domination.
But it seems that nudity is reserved to some circles like porn or homosexuality or female pseudo artists. Ok, that’s for the common of people, the TV watching people.
But so many of them are using the web to keep their fate in the low and dirty layers. Some use some tricks too, as they can be perfectly stupid but refer to some glossy art newspapers. Double fool.

Nudity has a purpose, it has to be said and told to the dumbs, and not overused.

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