Out of the maze

I’m definitly out of the maze.
YOU gonna get tired not to reach me in time, beware! 🙂

It’s much surprising how one can deliberatly let the AI do its job, staying connected in several accounts ^^
Some think they’re smart, but they actually have a partial smartness. Like the Mensa or HP people.
Guys and gals, it’s just ‘potential’, ya know… And you’re potentially… already dead.

You don’t need to drive, you need to pilot.
You don’t need to feel it, you need to live it.

I’m waiting for you, if you deserve it. Make up your mind.
It’ll make no difference… for me.

3 Responses to “Out of the maze”

  1. admin dit :

    I must add: AI AND smart little boys and girls all over the fake world 😉
    I’m much flattered, smart little ones 😉

  2. Salomon Reinach dit :

    Mon tout doux d’amour, mon fort combattant,

    Catherinette numéro 1:
    Perdre 10 kilos de masse corporelle en 40 jours, dont les 6 premiers en moins de 10 jours.

    Catherinette numéro 2:
    Voir l’infinité du système vivant quand bien même on serait aveugle.

    Catherinette numéro 3:
    Princesse Fiooooon-aaaa.


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